Manhattan Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Transparent+Color Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Discover a better way to achieve eye comfort with the Transparent+Color Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These glasses are specially designed to filter out harmful blue light before it enters your eyes. This keeps your eyes refreshed, relieves dryness, and allows you to focus for extended periods of time.

These glasses are better suited for individuals who spend most of their time staring at screens and are exposed to artificial lighting. The harmful blue rays emitted from these light sources at 415 nm to 445 nm, are filtered effectively, relieving you of digital eye strain and headaches or migraines.

By minimizing your susceptibility to blue light in the nighttime, blue light blocking glasses can aid you in falling asleep more easily and ensuring a more comfortable night's rest.


  • Filters harmful blue rays at harmful blue rays between 415 nm to 445 nm
  • Clear and precise vision without any color distortion
  • Lightweight frame made of TR90+CPl for more comfortable wear
  • Polaroid lens
  • Durable spring hinges for a snug fit and flexibility
  • Universal fit for any face shape and size
  • Comfortable nasal rest
  • Unisex Design


Dimensions & Weight

Lens Width - 54mm
Lens Height - 42mm
Arms - 145mm
Bridge - 17mm

Weight: 22.5g



I love LOVEEE this glasses! The quality is great, they feel heavy and sturdy, the shape is so flattering.

Amira B.

I am very satisfied! Very well packaged.

Glasses very nice without any blemishes.

Leah M.

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